Julia Setup.

Add Revise.jl

mkdir -p ~/.julia/config/ && echo "using Revise" >> ~/.julia/config/startup.jl

Create system image to reduce package loading latency

  • Create the folder juliaimages
      mkdir -p ~/.julia/juliaimages
  • Create file ~/.julia/juliaimages/precompile_image.jl

      using Plots
      display(plot(rand(5), rand(5)))

    and file ~/.julia/juliaimages/create_image.jl

      using PackageCompiler, IJulia
      create_sysimage([:Plots, :StatsPlots, :Turing], sysimage_path="sysimage.so", 
      ## jupyter kernelspec list 
      IJulia.installkernel("JuliaFast", "--sysimage=" * joinpath(homedir(), ".julia/juliaimages/sysimage.so"))
  • Run julia create_image.jl to generate sysimage.so as well as install the corresponding jupyter notebook kernel.

The sysimage.so file can also be used as follows in a REPL session.

julia --sysimage .julia/juliaimages/sysimage.so